Redefining private equity in franchise and multi-location business investing.
Founded in 2014 by Aziz Hashim, NRD Capital is a private equity firm based in Atlanta. Led by a seasoned investment team of skilled operators with extensive experience operating and growing some of the world's largest brands, NRD Capital guides its portfolio companies through strategic and sustainable growth.

75 YRS.






NRD Capital is reinventing private equity by seeking ways to add value to companies beyond simply providing capital. The firm's focus on innovation and outstanding unit economics, combined with an operator-centric approach, has led to rapid growth. With a primary focus on restaurants, technologies, and service/retail opportunities, NRD Capital uniquely infuses both capital and operating experience into its investments. The fund invests in small to mid-sized brands (franchise and non-franchise), both domestic and international, which have the potential to deliver exceptional returns.

Helping others improve their quality of life is a defining ethic of both founder Aziz Hashim and the NRD Capital team. Through the NRD Foundation ("NRDF"), NRD Capital supports non-profit and for-profit international organizations that create entrepreneurs, foster financial independence, and power academic research focused on franchise entrepreneurship.

What matters most is how you see yourself.

We know the world of private equity can seem black and white, big versus small, kitten versus lion. But, at NRD Capital, we see the worlds of private equity and franchising in vivid color. We partner with brands to help them become the confident, king-of-the-jungle lion they know they can be. Through partnership, capital and added operating experience, we help small to medium sized brands grow to their full potential. It's not how the world sees you, it's how you see yourself.